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Product Description Purple Rose

An Infinity Rose is the ultimate unique gesture of true love and commitment that will last a lifetime.
If you’re looking for that special gift for her, or require a gift for Mum, why not purchase the most unique rose available? An Infinity Rose is a stunning golden rose flower gift with originality and distinction.

Of course there are many other precious moments in life that are to be celebrated, simply browse our vast range of beautifully unique roses and choose that special birthday gift for her that will symbolise the importance of your love.

The gift of roses has always been a timeless tradition, they are loved for their natural beauty and elegance and are appropriate for a wide range of occasions, but unfortunately real red roses and other flowers don’t last forever. Commemorate your significant relationship with a gift that shows how much you really care, a golden rose gift is everlasting and a timeless gift that will live forever.

Infinity Rose harvests only the finest, real hand-picked roses, then they undergo a 3 month long process. Each rose is then very carefully glazed many times to preserve them in their fresh, original beauty. Then they are carefully dipped in real gold to perfect and create something that is truly remarkable and stunning, capturing the rose’s timeless gracefulness and allure.

Do you have a key milestone like a Wedding Anniversary coming up? An Infinity Rose is the perfect anniversary gift for a 2nd anniversary, 20th Anniversary, 25th Wedding Anniversary or 50th Wedding anniversary. Did you know that there are traditional and modern themes to celebrate your love annually? Infinity Rose are the gold standard for gold Dipped Roses, so why not give her a stunning Purple Rose.

Many people around the world look for types of gifts which are unique for their loved ones, such as flower gifts or rose gifts. At Infinity Rose, we not only offer you the truly unique match of real roses dipped in real gold – but we also offer free delivery with express shipping.

Quality Control
Every step of the way our Quality Control Team ensures that every rose meets the highest of standards. From the picking of the roses at the greenhouse in the nursery, right through to the end of production, the products are monitored closely to ensure their condition, calibre and character.

No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee – a stunning, high quality product or your money back
An Infinity Rose is an exquisite article of beauty. Our craftspeople who produce these gold-plated roses are experts who pride themselves in making the highest quality product. We are so confident that you’ll love our roses, that’s why we offer all our customers a no questions asked money back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your rose purchase, simply return it to our postal address, along with the invoice number, within 90 days from the date of the invoice and you will receive a full refund. Please allow one week for processing.


What’s Included :
1 x Purple Dipped Rose
1 x Premium Glass Dome
1 x Certification Card

Product Dimensions :
Purple Dipped Rose size: 27cm to 29 cm
Premium Glass dome 35cm x Base 14.5cm


If purple is the color of love, then roses are the gifts of love. Many lovers and those aspiring to sweep their loved ones off their feet would naturally look for a gift that would last an eternity. The gift that anyone would pick should be unique in its own way and make an impression on the receiver like none other gift would. 

Roses have always taken center stage when we talk about gifts for any loved one and it would not be different for you too. At some time in your life it would be imperative that you have gifted your loved one with a rose. The gift of a rose has been a time immemorial act of professing love. Historians have written volumes on gifts that have been exchanged between lovers in eras gone by and roses stand out among all of them.

We know by experience though natural roses may be a lover’s dream gift it may not last long enough to sustain the tickle of love in the receiver’s heart. Roses wilt and fade away in just a few days and nothing would keep it as it were when received by your loved one.

Finding a natural rose that would last till eternity is no dream any more, it is just a call away. Carefully grown, professionally nurtured, selectively handpicked, exquisitely prepared and flamboyantly presented, is what you would be able to gift your loved one. 

The Infinity Rose in a domed glass case, fabulous in its resplendent purple color is what you would be giving your loved one on any appropriate occasion to profess your love. It is indeed a thing of beauty to behold and would exude the love you have for your loved one. The uniqueness of the gift and the flamboyance with which it is presented would inscribe an indelible loving scar in the heart of your loved one. 

None other gift however expensive it may be, could match the elegance of an exquisite Infinity Rose in purple, standing tall and handsome inside its specially crafted, glass domed casing. It is the unique quality that it professes which makes your gift the Infinity Rose one in a million to be preserved and remembered till eternity. It would stand elegantly on a mantelpiece, a prominent place in the home or in a space always sighted, to be remembered forever.

If you are looking for that perfect gift for your loved one, come the next special occasion then it would be nothing but a natural Infinity Rose elegant in purple which would sweep her off her feet. There are many offers available to you to get the gift of a lifetime to give your loved one and remember the occasion till time stands still. So get in touch with us and we would be extremely happy to welcome your every whim and fancy to ensure your loved one gets the best we have to offer.     



PURPLE ROSE with Premium Glass Dome by Infinity Rose

Colors have fascinated us since humans tread planet Earth many millennia ago and that fascination has remained and grows everyday, going into the future. New technology developed has brought these flamboyant colors to our attention in many different and diverse products. We are unable to comprehend that some of these products could be so colorful which was not a possibility many decades ago. As an example we could take what Infinity Rose has done with natural roses and brought them to life with some of the best colors under the Sun. They have researched and developed the preservation of natural roses and lent them colors which are superlative and flamboyant to have and to hold.

Many lovers the world over have taken these everlasting and eternal natural roses and gifted them to their best loved, winning them over for life. The PURPLE ROSE with Premium Glass Dome by Infinity Rose is just one in the wide selection of preserved natural roses that have been rolled out from the preservation facilities of Infinity Rose. You could be the lucky one to get your hands on one and send it across to your loved one and see the glee and smile on her face which would be worth a trillion words.

Roses have always held women in fascination and that would be the cue for you to gift your loved one just that and what better color than the PURPLE ROSE with Premium Glass Dome by Infinity Rose. A rose that could be preserved until eternity is no exaggeration because the glass dome protects it from the vagaries of Nature. Placed on a mantelpiece or such prominent place it would be sure to hold everyone who looks at it with awe. The beauty of this unique and exquisitely crafted masterpiece is indescribable because it has been grown, nurtured and put through a preservation process so elaborate.

The end product which is flawless makes the PURPLE ROSE with Premium Glass Dome by Infinity Rose the one best gift you could send your loved one. She would be elated and exhilarated to receive such a fantastic gift from you on whatever occasion it would be. The times have changed and we need to give our loved ones something steeped in ingenuity and modern technology. If not for persevering professionals we would not be able to keep a natural rose for many moons but thanks to harnessed modern technology that is possible today.

Infinity Rose has developed this very delicate preservation process harnessing professionals from many fraternities enabling us to ensure what we deliver is not a product but an undertaking and a promise. A promise we authenticate with a certificate of quality which gives the bearer an opportunity to return the product with no questions asked. The money back guarantee that we promise is one way of us at Infinity Rose professing to deliver quality and nothing less.

Pick the PURPLE ROSE with Premium Glass Dome by Infinity Rose for your loved one and see the smile and glee on her face. It may be your mother or wife, and it would make a difference to your life of unimaginable proportions with love wrapped around.

Infinity Rose
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Richard Denning
Richard Denning
07:09 16 Feb 23
Great product and amazing service!! Delivery is always fast. Ordered from them many times now.
Ben morrissey
Ben morrissey
06:16 11 Jun 22
Amazing service and a beautiful gift for my partner to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! I definitely recommend Infinity Rose, the staff are very kind and put extra effort in to make my partner and I's anniversary feel special!
Harold Brown
Harold Brown
04:19 06 Jun 22
I just received my Golden Infinity Rose and it is as beautiful wow. Delivered at the prefect time for my 25th Anniversary present for my wife this Sunday.Thank you very much for the great service and arrival. PS: I will recommend your company to everyone. Cheers !
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