Golden Rose

Who doesn’t like flowers? For flowers bring joy and delight to everyone and for every occasion! This is why people love giving the gift of flowers and at Infinity Rose, we preserve and display our roses in an exclusive majestic fashion.

Real flowers are preserved by placing them in a vase of water – but they can not survice for a long period. Because our roses are gold-plated, an Infinity Rose placed inside one of our glass domes or display cases will last for all time.

At Infinity Rose, we only use the higest quality, real, hand-picked roses that go through a long manufacturing process of electro-plating to keep their shape and beauty. Part of this multi-step process is to dip these roses in either silver or gold, the choice is yours!

Many thin layers of silver or gold are added over many weeks – and it’s because of this process, that the gold roses keep their strength while still keeping their beauty.Visit to see our golden roses or to view our complete range of rose products that come in a stunning array of vibrant and stylish colours.