There are many different types of anniversaries for young and old. The original Infinity Rose has such a wide range of appropriate rose gift ideas that you’ll never be lost for a great choice.

Anniversaries of the death of a family member or friend are very sad times and choosing an appropriate present for such an occasion is difficult. Infinity Rose has tasteful and considerate rose gift ideas for such occasions. The  black roses to send your sorrow for a loss of loved ones or the white roses  can be sent to express your empathy, sorrow understanding over the loss of someone that you were close to.

Friendship anniversaries can be marked by gifting our yellow or orange roses to communicate your pleasure and dependability for those important years of close friendship. For new relationships you can give a  blue rose which shows respect and sincerity. Or why not give the the ever-splendid red roses for love and passion

The purple rose is an anniversary gift that expresses that enthralling feeling of how you fell in love. You’ll be so astounded by the wide range of different anniversary gift ideas from .