Infinity Rose Process

Would you like an insight of how are roses are made?

Only the most premium perfect roses are hand selected to be painstakingly transformed to withhold its beauty for Infinity.

Once selected and harvested our roses delicately deconstructed from petal to petal down to the bud and stem, it is then left to dry. Then we start a process called electroforming this technique adds levels of copper directly onto the rose. Copper is used as a base layer because of its strength, conductivity and ability for other precious metals to be able to adhere to it.

This step will protect the natural structure of the rose before the electroplating process can start. Once Electroplating is completed our roses are again rechecked before its final coating of either the 24k gold, rose gold sliver or platinum.

Sealing the roses timeless beauty for Infinity.

Each Infinity Rose comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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