Our brand new premium clear lid display case
wonderfully showcases our gold dipped roses.
The perfect gift for any occasion.
Presenting yet another stunning way to display
your Infinity Rose – 24k gold dipped vases.
When run-of-the-mill presents just won’t do.
Send a gold-dipped rose for someone truly special.
The ultimate gesture of true love and commitment
just became even more beautiful.
From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and graduations.
Let an Infinity Rose express your profound adoration and sentiment.

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How our roses are made

At Infinity Rose, we only use the finest, real hand-picked roses. Once fully-grown and when these roses are deemed perfect, they go through a lengthy process which includes the application of a clear coating in order to maintain their shape and structural integrity.
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If you are not completely satisfied with your Infinity Rose purchase, simply return it to our postal address along with the invoice number within 90 days from the date of the invoice and you will receive a full refund. Please allow one week for processing.
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Why Infinity Rose

Mother’s Day Rose Gift Ideas

Mother is the living symbol of love and affection. The Mother’s day is celebrate as a dedication to all those lovely mothers out there. A mother’s love is boundless and unconditional, even though in some cases they get hurt by their own children they never stop loving them and caring for them. Mothers always find out what is best for us and advice for the beneficial of the children. Mother is always the close and best friend of every child and the one and only person who never deceives you. She always deserve only the best. As she always try to fill our lives with happiness and joy. So it is our responsibility to do everything we can to make her happy. She plays a vital role in our lives that none can replace, if it was not for her our lives would be completely a black and white movie. A mother’s heart is a rare gem which is filled with love and patience towards their children. A mother’s love does not change during the worst times of your life, it always remain the same no matter what situation you go through. All the mothers are not the same, but their love to their children is unconditional and their only hope is to see their children been happy.

Each year we come across the mother’s day, where the commitment and love of her are appreciated. Though there is a special day dedicated to mothers, she deserves to be recognized and loved daily. The mother’s day is not only to understand the commitment of mothers, but also to identify the role of all the females in the society. It is the day to recognize the role played by all the women out there, who scarify their happiness for the well-being of their loved ones. It is the perfect day to acknowledge your mother’s valuable qualities such as love, commitment and caring. A mother knows the magic of understanding the inner feeling of a child even when you do not mention about them. She is the only person who can fantastically console you at your worst time and the person who becomes happy more than anyone at your good times. So thank her for all the love and the sacrifices done for you on this particular day. Show her your gratitude for staying with you through the thick and thin with a beautiful gift.

Why Infinity Rose Gift Perfect choice for Mother’s Day

There are thousands of gifts in the market specially designed for the for the mother’s day. But most of them are common ones, so you need to be tricky to pick up a unique gift. Well, an infinity would be the perfect gift, if you were looking for a unique one. Woman love roses, especially roses which comes in various colors. They are the perfect flowers to express your feeling for your loved ones. Infinity roses offer plenty of colors which comes in lovely colors. These roses grow under the care and love of our Infinity staff. They are carefully picked from the flower beds and then goes through a lengthy process for a couple of weeks before our rose products come to the hands of our clients. These adorable roses come covered with precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. The roses which come in red coated with rose gold is the ideal one to express your love and affection to your lovely mom. Or else you can go for a green rose covered with gold, which is the perfect one to wish her a healthy and happy life. To add more glamour, you can give a rose which comes either in a dome case or a glass lid display case. Infinity rose offers the premium roses as we believe that your mothers always deserve the best. So feel free to contact us for more information about these adorable beauties.

Essential Things for Celebrating Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary has been a traditional celebration from the early periods. Celebrating each passing year of a marriage life plays an important part to maintain a healthy relationship. So now you might be wondering about the perfect way to mark the celebration of your anniversary, well the good news is that you have come to ideal place. We merely look at the idea of the anniversaries as a general and also consider the traditions commonly followed. We would be looking at every theme that is associated with the anniversaries and give you few essential suggestions for wedding anniversary gifts for your loved ones. Let’s look at some of the critical anniversaries you come across your life.

Essential Things for Celebrating Wedding AnniversaryFirst wedding anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is a significant anniversary for every couple as it is the first year they celebrate together. The first anniversary is worth making unique, as it is time the couple starts to learn about the preferences of each other. So you need to put more effort and time to carry out a healthy relationship. Celebrating an anniversary shows that you give priority to your marriage rather than the other activities in life. There is a belief that people who celebrate their anniversaries tend to spend a healthy and long-lasting relationship. So you might be wondering about the perfect to celebrate your first anniversary memorable.

Gift ideas for your first wedding anniversary

The traditional first wedding anniversary theme is paper. In case if you are looking for a traditional gift to give your spouse, you can go for a gift that relates to paper. You can surprise her by gifting a personalized dinner invitation. An invitation prepared by yourself or print a beautiful request out of an online website. It would make the dinner unique and memorable rather than an ordinary dinner out. Why don’t you give her a voucher to spend a day at the spa? Give her a ticket for an upcoming movie, so that two of you can enjoy the evening together. Or in case, if your partner loves reading, you can give her a limited edition of a favorite book, a book she always wanted to have.

When it comes to the modern first anniversary gift, you can give her a clock which symbolizes the gift of time. It emphasizes the timeless love to each other. To make the day particular, you can take her to ride a hot air balloon or a boat. To add more glamour, you can give her an adorable rose that would grab her heart. A yellow Infinity rose dipped in pure gold is the perfect way to express your true love and affection. Always try to experience something new, something that you have never worked before, as it would make the first anniversary of your life unforgettable.

Second wedding anniversary

You might have spent two years since you exchanged your wedding vows but that will not make it less unique. The first two wedding anniversary of marriage is vital as there is so much to learn about each other, some of the things that you will never know until you start to live under one roof. The second anniversary rolls around faster than the first wedding anniversary. Though the honeymoon season has ended, don’t let the sparkles die, bring back the missing romance with a beautiful gift. Moreover, presents help to get rid of bitter and adverse vibes in a relationship. A pure thought with the right present would help a long way in smoothing the edges of your relationship while increasing your reputation. Now if you are wondering about the perfect gift to touch the heart of your partner, well keep on reading to find out some fantastic ideas.

Gift ideas for your second wedding anniversary

The second anniversary is also known as the cotton anniversary as the traditional gift of second wedding anniversary is cotton. It represents the comfort and the strength of the bond between the couple. In case if you prefer a conventional present, you can go a gift that relates to cotton. You can give her a cotton bag with some cotton clothes with the promise of going out on the weekend. A cotton nightdress would be a lovely gift and the perfect excuse to spend time in bed whole day. Or gift her a cotton plant as that would be something uncommon to your outdoor garden.

But the new second wedding anniversary gift is China. In case if you are going for a stylish anniversary gift, you can give her a china plate personally designed with the names and a beautiful message to express your love. Reserve a table at her favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner out or take her on a trip to the nearest china town. In fact, you can go for a floral gift that would genuinely grab her heart. Women would never say “no” for a rose gift. Especially a carefully crafted red Infinity rose. Infinity roses can carefully pick from well-grown blossoms. It is the ideal gift to express your true everlasting love.

Fifth wedding anniversary

You might be looking for a beautiful fifth wedding anniversary gift  for your spouse. Are you a guy who is struggling with the traditional and modern anniversary gifts? Well, for the past four years you might have come up with various gift ideas, but now you might have run out of ideas. It is not surprising when we consider the fifth-anniversary theme. You might think that wood is not a good anniversary theme and you may have no much gift ideas that come into your mind when looking for something relating to wood. First, you need to think outside the box; there are fantastic anniversary gifts that would genuinely impress your partner. We would help you by offering you some helpful suggestions.

Gift ideas for your fifth wedding anniversary

According to the preference of your partner, you can go for a wooden picture frame that is plain and simple or a fancy one. Make sure you fill the picture frame with some lovely moments you captured during the past five years. A wooden jewelry box might use to hold her precious stuff safely. She would love something attractive. Your wife would like a wooden keepsake box where she can place her precious memories such as photographs, handwritten notes or tickets you bought for a show.

Book two tickets at a beautiful location within the country to spend the day. It would bring a new experience to the tiresome day to day life. And also surprise her with a stunning red rose dipped in silver to add more glamour to the day. An infinity rose has the magical power to light up your lives and bring back the missing romance. These roses grow under the love and care of your skillful craftsmen before a stunning rose goes to the hands of our clients. She would cherish it forever.

Tenth wedding anniversary

Only a few couples are lucky enough to end up with a successful marriage life. It is a blessing to stay in a marriage for ten years. Not everyone can maintain a healthy relationship, most of the unions in the modern world end up with a divorce. So if you are a person who is planning to celebrate your tenth wedding anniversary gift, consider yourself as a lucky husband. As this is a significant anniversary in your life, make sure you mark it profoundly as it would affect your bond. Remember that the more the effort and thought you invest into selecting an ideal gift, the more unique your partner will feel, so make sure you impress her by giving a thoughtful tenth wedding anniversary gift. Make this the perfect moment to show your loved one how much she means to you by giving a gift that will stand the test of time as a beautiful reminder of this special day.

Gift ideas for your tenth wedding anniversary

If you are planning to surprise your lovely wife your tenth wedding anniversary, make sure the gift you choose touches the feelings of her by making the moment unforgettable. In case, if you want to recall the memories of your big day, give her a beautifully crafted album with some lovely photographs of your wedding plus the fantastic moments you captured during the past ten years of time. Plan out to make the dinner by preparing dinner by yourself accompanying all her favorite dishes. If you are not a good chef or if you have a fear of ending up burning down the whole kitchen then reserve a table at her favorite restaurant where you can engage in diplomatic talks. To add a romantic touch make sure you place a stunning Infinity pink rose coated with pure gold on the dinner table. It would make the dinner more romantic and memorable.

Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary

You are a couple who have come down the road of marriage life for twenty-five successful years. There is a probability that after twenty-five years, you might be little fed up with the general wedding anniversary gifts that are widely available. You might be looking for a gift that is unique and different from the rest. There is nothing wrong with the ordinary chocolates and flowers, but it would be better if you can find a twenty fifth wedding anniversary gift  that is more unusual. It is quite easy to find a gift made of silver as there are various options either in your local shops or online. But due to the wide variety of options available to you, you might get confused about where you need to start looking.

As with any gift, the essential fact is that giving to her with love and a handful of thoughts has gone when selecting. It is the emotions come when choosing the gift is valuable, not the cost of it. So we are here to give you some suggestions that would help you to come up with a fantastic anniversary gift for your lady.

Gift ideas for your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary

The theme of the twenty-fifth anniversary if silver, so you can go for gift relating to silver. A silver jewelry box where she could keep her precious items, especially the ones you have given to her during the past years. You can add a touch of personalization to the form of a lovely quote. She is going to be proud to have it in your room.

But you need not to strictly follow the theme if you are not sure that your partner does not prefer gifts relating to silver. You can give her twenty-five cute gifts that would symbolize the twenty-five years of marriage. It would be fantastic rather than go for one present. If your finances allow why don’t you plan on a second honeymoon? Well, you can spend the anniversary at a place where she was longing to visit. It would be a pleasant surprise to recall the missing romance. Make sure you wonderfully start the special day, you can give her an Infinity rose dipped in silver to light up her day. She would genuinely fall in love with a stunning purple rose that brings back the sparkles to your life. Infinity roses go through a lengthy process for few weeks before they reach the hands of our customers. It is the perfect way to express your feeling and love.

Hope you enjoy your special anniversaries with remarkable gifts. Find the right presents to make it more unique. Here’s wishing you a happy wedding anniversary!


Surprise your girlfriend with a stunning gold rose

Flowers always play the leading role in the lives of humans from the ancient era. One of the most significant functions of flowers is the power of conveying the thoughts and emotions of humans when the words don’t work. At times when your thoughts or feelings are deep for words, you can use some flower gifts to express them as that would be the perfect way to do. Even though there are hundreds of flowers out there, the only flower which holds a definite meaning is rose. Roses are the timeless symbol of love and romance. Even during the ancient eras roses were related to the eternal beauty of the Venus, and the cuts caused by the stem of the rose refers to the wounds caused by love.

Significance of roses

The red rose stands for the infinite love and romance, and the white roses stand for the charm and purity while the pink roses stand for the happiness. Other than expressing the thoughts and feelings, flowers can even influence your emotions and mood. Researchers say that flowers can increase the satisfaction, joy, and behavior of your life. So by giving a flower, you can change the entire mood of a person you love.

From the ancient eras, people have used flowers for various purposes and acts as one of the most important modes to deliver feelings to other people. There is no better, and a potent symbol of love than a golden rose. So from birthdays to funerals, the role flowers play a significant part of the human life. Well, the next time when you are planning to give something memorable to your dear ones, without a doubt send flowers as they would add more meaning and value to the gift. So why don’t you gift them with an everlasting Infinity rose? The money you spend will not be a waste if you invest for a stunning rose.

Why do you need to pick an Infinity gold rose?

In case, if you are looking for a lovely gift for your mother, girlfriend, wife or even a friend who is celebrating a particular moment in their life, you need to be somewhat tricky when picking the gift. As it is an essential moment in their life, you need to make it more special by giving them a memorable gift. Then comes the Infinity rose which offers unique and adorable roses for all the occasions you come across your life. Infinity roses are always a great way to show your dear ones your love and affection, to surprise them, you can send them to the place they are working or to the place where they live. Infinity rose delivers their products to your doorstep, so you can send them to the exact spot you want at the precise moment without any issue. So what are you waiting? Grab one of our stunning and unique roses which comes in various colors to convey your true feelings to your dear one.

Our customers always love these stunning roses of Infinity for their natural beauty and elegance. When comparing to the ordinary roses which fade within few days, these roses are far more valuable and lasts for a lifetime. So why don’t you grab one of these beauties to make the life of your special day more wonderful on her special day? These roses are appropriate for all the occasions and any lady no matter what age she is in, and she would like to receive a stunning rose. Rather than investing your money in some ordinary roses in local outlets, the money you spend for these beauties won’t be a waste as they would give the recipient a pleasure and would last for decades as a memory of your bond.

How to select the right Gold rose

When considering the occasions, people come across various events that are special to their lives. So when picking roses, you need to be careful to choose the right color of rose that is relating to the occasion. In case, if you pick the wrong color, you might give them a wrong meaning. Each of these colors gives a different sense, so you need to be keen enough to pick the right color rose for the right occasion. When it comes to expressing your love and affection, the first thing that comes to our mind is red roses. So if you are planning to gift a rose for your special lady for her birthday, Valentine’s Day or for an anniversary, you can gift one of our stunning red rose dipped in pure gold. It is the perfect gift to convey your infinite love and affection. When it comes to graduation or a surprise gift to strengthen your relationship, you can get her a blue, purple or even a two torn rose dipped in twenty-four karat gold. When it comes to an anniversary, you can pick various colors of roses that are appropriate for your anniversary theme. On the other hand, you can even choose a rose of her favorite color to make it a more personalized and unique. Our premium roses come in elegant glass lid display cases and in glass dome cases to make it look more special for the recipient.

Little more about Infinity Gold roses

However, you might be a person who is looking for a gift that is stunning and unique, so why don’t you spoil your girl with these beauties which would grab her heart for sure. Even though you might have seen various kinds of gold roses in the market today, none of them matches to the quality and the beauty of the Infinity roses. We guarantee you that, we at Infinity rose would only offer your high quality and exclusive roses that comes straight from our flower beds. These stunning beauties grow in our nurseries under the supervision of our qualified team of horticulturalists. At the right stage of blooming, our team carefully handpick these roses, and after that, they go through a lengthy process of preservation and coating of pure gold for a couple of months before they come to the hands of our customers. These roses are coated with several layers of pure gold to preserve their structure and the natural beauty. Finally, a fresh and stunning rose comes out of the process with the aim of reaching our beautiful customers. Moreover, Infinity rose offers you free delivery and on the other hand, if you are not satisfied with our products you can return the rose within ninety days of purchase for a full refund. Infinity rose, always concerns about the satisfaction of the customers, so why not purchase one of these exclusive roses to surprise your girlfriend?


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