Our brand new premium clear lid display case
wonderfully showcases our gold dipped roses.
The perfect gift for any occasion.
Presenting yet another stunning way to display
your Infinity Rose – 24k gold dipped vases.
When run-of-the-mill presents just won’t do.
Send a gold-dipped rose for someone truly special.
The ultimate gesture of true love and commitment
just became even more beautiful.
From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and graduations.
Let an Infinity Rose express your profound adoration and sentiment.

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How our roses are made

At Infinity Rose, we only use the finest, real hand-picked roses. Once fully-grown and when these roses are deemed perfect, they go through a lengthy process which includes the application of a clear coating in order to maintain their shape and structural integrity.
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Lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your Infinity Rose purchase, simply return it to our postal address along with the invoice number within 90 days from the date of the invoice and you will receive a full refund. Please allow one week for processing.
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Free shipping Australia-wide

All our products are shipped free, Australia-wide. At Infinity Rose, we aim to get you your rose or roses as soon as possible. Orders made before 12.00 pm on weekdays should arrive at you on the next business day via our secure express shipping service.

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Our Happy Customers

Why Infinity Rose

24k Gold Dipped Rose Australia – The Perfect Gift for Valentine day

Here in Australia, we’ve uncovered a treasure that melds the delicacy of nature with the splendor of fine craftsmanship – the real 24k gold dipped, natural rose. A luxury gift for those who seek the extraordinary, this infinity rose is an emblem of perpetual beauty, symbolising love and admiration that never fades. With each gold plated rose, we are embracing the tradition of flower gifting, spun with the allure of immortality, crafting an everlasting rose that captivates with its timeless elegance.

Our collection transcends the ordinary, delivering a gift that is not just unique but resonates with the language of affection. Whether it is a noteworthy celebration or the simple desire to express authentic sentiments, a gold dipped rose from our catalogue serves as the ultimate gesture, available for next business day delivery throughout Australia. We are devoted to excellence, ensuring that each rose preserves its natural grace, allowing you to present a gift that endures well beyond the fleeting moment.

Unveiling the Allure of Gold Dipped Roses

Across Australia, the enchantment of a real rose dipped in gold is captivating the hearts of many, merging the timeless beauty of nature with a touch of everlasting luxury. Our expertise in marrying the meticulous art of preservation with the opulence of 24k gold transforms each bloom into a forever rose, an eternal testament to artisanal elegance and affection.

What Makes a Gold Dipped Rose Special

What sets a gold dipped rose apart is not just its stunning appearance but its embodiment of unparalleled grace and durability. By carefully hand-selecting the finest roses at the cusp of their blooming magnificence, and preserving them at their peak, we ensure that the intrinsic allure of the flower is maintained. The dip into molten gold immortalises the rose, capturing its natural splendour in an eternal gold dipped showpiece. Each preserved, 24k gold dipped natural rose becomes a long-lasting reminder of the sentiments it signifies, merging the fragility of a natural bloom with the permanence of precious metal.

History and Significance of the Gold Dipped Rose

Historically, gold plated roses have been symbols of opulence and prosperity, cherished across cultures for their allegorical meaning. In Australia, we hold dear the tradition of expressing profound emotions through the giving of roses, and infusing them with gold is an evolution of this age-old custom. The 24k gold dipped rose stands as a contemporary emblem of eternal love and enduring connections, a significant and meaningful gift transcending merely ornamental value. It is a luxury keepsake linking us to a rich heritage while revelling in the splendour of what it means to give a gift that truly lasts a lifetime.

Gold Dipped Roses for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the search for the perfect expression of love intensifies. At the heart of this special day lies the timeless exchange of rose gold roses, a gesture that exemplifies romance itself. We at Gold Dipped Rose Australia take this tradition a step further by offering an exquisite rose for Valentine’s Day—a gold-dipped rose that captures the essence of enduring love.

Understanding the significance of this day, we ensure that each rose bouquet for Valentine’s Day we prepare is nothing less than extraordinary. Our romantic roses are carefully selected for their beauty and then transformed through a meticulous gold-dipping process. The result is not just one of the best 24 karat gold dipped roses for Valentine’s Day you can find in Australia, but a stunning keepsake that reflects the permanence of the feelings it is meant to represent.

For those seeking to leave an indelible mark on their loved one’s heart, there can be no grander gesture than presenting a gold-dipped rose. As purveyors of fine, romantic gifts, we take pride in the fact that the splendor of gold united with the world-renowned symbol of love makes our roses a truly exceptional choice for those desiring to convey their deepest affections with an iconic and romantic rose for Valentine’s Day.

The Ultimate Romantic Gesture: Gifting a Gold Dipped Rose

When it comes to conveying heartfelt sentiments on Valentine’s Day, nothing speaks quite as eloquently as the timeless beauty of a rose. We believe in redefining romantic gift ideas with a luxurious twist, which is why our gold dipped roses are the epitome of love’s grandeur. In every detail from petal to stem, these roses are crafted to carry your deepest emotions in a way that transcends time and speaks of an everlasting affection.

Rose for Valentine’s Day: A Timeless Classic

Enchanting lovers and romantics across Australia, the tradition of presenting floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day is given an opulent upgrade with our gold rose gift. Reimagining the classic expression of romance, each rose is a handpicked wonder, graced with a touch of 24 karat gold magic, destined to leave an impression on the heart as well as the eye.

The Art of Presenting Your Gold Rose Gift

As meticulous as we are in our craftsmanship, we equally appreciate the importance of presentation. Valentine’s Day rose delivery is not merely about the gift itself, but also the entire experience it brings forth. Each of our gold rose gifts is thus elegantly packaged, with the option to add personalised messages, creating an unboxing experience that is as mesmerising as the gift itself. You can trust our Valentine’s Day rose delivery service to ensure that your romantic gesture is felt with the full warmth and splendour it deserves.

Gold Dipped Rose Varieties and Styles

At the heart of our craft, we take pride in creating a spectrum of 24 karat gold dipped, carefully crafted rose options that cater to various personal styles and preferences. In our collection, the classic allure of the carefully crafted, real 24k gold dipped rose remains a sought-after masterpiece, embodying the ultimate expression of a luxury rose gift. As artistry and innovation interweave, we extend our range to include natural roses partially dipped in gold, artfully designed to highlight the beauty of both the precious metal and the delicate real roses beneath.

For those who covet a fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance, our gold-dipped rose varieties offer exquisite choices. Each real rose, meticulously selected and preserved, undergoes a transformation into a 24 karat gold dipped rose, a piece that reflects an unparalleled and ever-lasting gesture of affection. We cherish the natural opulence of the pristine, preserved roses, ensuring that while each retains its original allure, it is also protected and immortalised by a luxurious veil of gold.

Beyond the full gold embrace, our creative palette includes varieties accented with other precious metals, offering a diversified collection that caters to individual taste. Whether it’s for a significant other, a treasured family member, or an esteemed colleague, the versatility in our gold roses collection assures a perfect fit for any moment worthy of commemoration. We invite you to explore the richness in style and sophistication that our gold-dipped roses provide, promising a truly enchanting gift experience.

Personalising Your Gold Dipped Rose Gift in Australia

We understand that the most memorable gifts carry a personal touch that is as unique as the individual receiving them. In Australia, our service extends beyond delivering a gold dipped rose; we offer the opportunity to further personalise your luxury gift option, turning it into a timeless memento. Imagine the delight upon receiving a gold dipped rose, not only stunning in its presentation but also bearing a heartfelt engraving, making it a personalized gift that imbues your sentiments in the most elegant manner.

Adding a Touch of Uniqueness with Engravings

Engraved roses, carefully crafted, are more than just a luxury gift option; they convey a unique romantic gesture that speaks directly from the heart, making them the perfect gift for your next romantic gesture. Our skilled artisans etch your message or a significant date onto the delicate petals or the robust stem of the rose, ensuring that your words endure as long as the gold dipped rose itself. This act of personalisation turns the already impressive keepsake into something profoundly personal, encapsulating your thoughts in a gold dipped natural rose that will be cherished forever.

Choosing the Right Display Case & Accessories

Choosing the perfect display case is just as important as the gift inside; it serves to protect and showcase the engraved roses in their full glory. Our curated selection of cases and stands cater to varied aesthetic preferences, all designed to complement the natural beauty of your carefully crafted gold dipped rose. Each gift box makes sure that your personalized present is not simply an addition to one’s décor but a centerpiece that inspires conversation and admiration. Accessories serve both functional and decorative purposes, enhancing the overall gifting experience of this unique romantic gesture.

Caring for and Preserving Your Gold Dipped Rose

At Gold Dipped Rose Australia, our passion extends to ensuring that our clients know the essentials of forever rose care. Maintaining gold dipped roses, while not demanding, requires consideration to uphold their preserved rose longevity. We are dedicated to guiding you in safeguarding your everlasting roses, allowing these symbols of eternal affection to remain as captivating as the day they were gifted.

Unlike their fresh counterparts, your forever rose will not require water or exposure to sunlight. Nevertheless, to preserve their striking appearance, it is essential to keep them in a space free from harsh chemicals and out of direct contact with abrasive materials that might mar the gold plating. A simple, regular dusting with a soft, dry cloth can do wonders in maintaining the lustrous shine and intricate detail.

Avoid handling the petals or leaves excessively, as the oils from your fingers can lead to tarnishing of the gold. When moving your preserved 24k gold dipped natural rose, please ensure to support the base or the encased protector to prevent any accidental damage. By following these straightforward care instructions, the beauty of your gold dipped roses will continue to symbolise a love that is both timeless and unfading—a jewel among blooms in your collection of precious keepsakes.

24 Karat Gold-Dipped Natural Rose Perfect For All Occasions

As purveyors of fine gifts, we recognise that a gold dipped rose is not solely a Valentine’s Day treasure. Its splendour is suited for an array of special events, each calling for a memento as enduring and meaningful as the occasion it celebrates. Our real 24k gold, meticulously crafted roses, capture the essence of these memorable moments while dazzling with natural beauty.

Anniversary Celebrations with a Gold Touched Flair

An anniversary is a harbinger of enduring love, and what better way to commemorate this than with an anniversary gift steeped in permanence? A gold-touched floral arrangement acts as a profound metaphor for a relationship that has withstood the test of time. Our collection offers an array of opulent rose gifting selections, each rose splendidly conveying the depth of commitment and affection shared between partners and making the rose the perfect gift for your next big event.

Mother’s Day and Milestone Birthdays Elevated with Luxe Roses

When Mother’s Day dawns, we often find ourselves seeking a gift that truly speaks volumes of our appreciation. Consequently, our Mother’s Day roses, trimmed with the finesse of karat gold, celebrate the unwavering bond between child and mother. Similarly, a luxury birthday gift from our assemblage transforms a significant birthday into an unforgettable event. These gold-dipped marvels serve beauty and warmth that lasts well beyond a single day, making every milestone a cherished memory.

Placing Your Order for a Gold Dipped Rose Online

As leaders in the realm of unforgettable gifts, we’ve refined the convenience of online gift ordering, epitomised by the ease with which our customers can secure premium roses for Valentine’s Day. Embracing the spirit of modern romance, we pair the revered tradition of sending roses for Valentine’s Day with the advancements of today’s technology, thereby enriching the gifting experience. Our online platform opens a world where selecting and purchasing valentine’s day roses online is both a pleasure and a seamless convenience.

Navigating Valentine’s Day Rose Delivery in Australia

Our dedication to excellence doesn’t halt at the gold-dipping process. We extend our commitment to you through a seamless preserved rose delivery system. The anticipation of presenting your Valentine’s Day roses online purchase should not be tarnished by uncertainty or delay. Hence, we craft a clear, punctual delivery plan for each order. As Valentine’s Day approaches, rest assured knowing that your expression of love will arrive on time to unveil the sentiments of your heart.

Understanding Delivery Options for Your Preserved Rose

We understand the essence of timely gifting, especially when it involves the premium roses for Valentine’s Day that we offer. Hence, we’ve developed a range of delivery options for your preserved rose that cater to different needs and schedules. From express delivery to advanced day reservations, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your Australia-wide gift embodies your feelings with punctuality and precision. Please allow us to cater to your rose gifting needs and experience the harmony of exquisite taste met by impeccable service.

Gold Dipped Rose: The Opulent Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

In a world where momentary pleasures are all too common, we take pride in offering an An everlasting luxury gift, each gold dipped rose is carefully crafted to exhibit natural beauty. that maintains its majesty over time. Our gold dipped roses stand as more than mere tokens; they are an eloquent declaration of enduring sentiment and sophisticated taste. As keepers of this ancient craft, we enhance the simple gifting of roses into a next business day delivery of a striking and memorable keepsake. eternal rose giftA rose is the perfect gift — a treasure that signifies lasting bonds and shared memories.

With each bloom meticulously encased in a golden sheath, our roses become a unique Valentine’s Day idea The carefully crafted real 24k gold dipped rose, a go-to choice for those who wish to express their feelings with an unwavering statement of love and commitment. The gold dipped rose keepsake emerges as a luxurious emblem that resonates deeply, echoing the permanence of your affections and serving as a continual reminder of the special milestones celebrated together.

Entrust us with your expressions of love and appreciation, and let us imbue your precious moments with the splendour and permanence they deserve. Our gold dipped roses carry within them the promise of immortality, crafting not just a momentary surprise but a lasting legacy of beauty and prestige. In the land down under, these refined gems affirm that the gifts we choose are as timeless as the emotions they convey, ensuring that the glow of your thoughtful gesture never dims.