Roses have always been a meaningful symbol of appreciation and love, for they are without question among the most well-regarded gifts of all-time. Colour selection plays an important role when giving a rose because different colours mean so many different things.

Yellow roses are perfect for sending a joyful messages because yellow is a sign of friendship. The warmness shows feelings of delight and happiness. Lifting someone’s spirits becomes infinitely eaier  with the gift of a yellow rose.

Red roses of course are perfect to illustrate passion and love and they are one of the most worldly-appreciated gifts of romance. Red roses are the best gifts all-round because they are suitable for so many occasions, especially for showing your admiration and thankfullness.

White rose are known as the wedding or bridal rose because they are the traditional wedding union commemoration flower colour. White reprsesents reverence, silence and purity, so it’s no surprise that white roses are see all around the world at weddings and wedding anniversaries. They are also an appropriate gift for a memorial for friends and loved ones.

For health, a natural life and success, you can’t go past  green roses and at Infinity Rose we have many different shades of green.