7” Gold Rose & 11″ Magenta 2 Tone Rose
with Vase


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Our most popular gold dipped rose colours, gold and magenta 2 tone, come together in our latest premium gift set. Red compliments gold perfectly when they stand together in our exclusive gold dipped vase, it’s the perfect gift for that special person in your life. This superb vase is truly one-of-a-kind and has been designed exclusively by Infinity Rose. You won’t find this vase design anywhere else. There’s nothing more stunning than a gold rose standing grand in its very own gold vase on display for all to see.

So whether it’s a significant occasion like Valentine’s Day, a Special Anniversary, Mother’s Day, a Birthday or just spoiling the one you love you can always count on an Infinity Rose, Rose in a gold dipped vase to make that profound statement that shows your true appreciation, love and gratitude.

What’s Included :

1 x Gold Dipped Gold Rose
1 x Gold Dipped Magenta 2 Tone Rose
1 x Gold Dipped Vase
1 x Certification Card
1 x Care Instructions

Products Dimensions :
Gold Dipped Gold Rose 17 cm to 18cm
Gold Dipped Magenta 2 Tone Rose 27cm to 29cm
Gold Vase 14.5 cm
Australian Design Number 201915907


Some or most animals are color blind but we humans are not. We are fascinated with the various colors that we see around us. It is very likely that we tend to identify ourselves with some or certain colors that would take our liking and that could be close to our hearts. It is your prerogative to know what colors your loved one draws her heart to and when you are aware of it, getting closer to her in love would be an easier task than envisaged.

Love is all wrapped up in mutual likings, understanding, compassion and many other aspects of human nature. It is only when many aspects are compatible with two people that real love blossoms and lasts till eternity. It is imperative in an intimate love relationship between two, there are more things in common than not. We profess love till eternity but for it to last the test of time the bond initially connected should harness all the positives in that relationship.

The innovators of the preservation of natural roses the versatile Infinity Rose has built their imagination on the colors that lovers like by bringing out some fantastic hues to woo loved ones. The natural roses that we painstakingly put through the various processes before they would reach your loved when gifted by you are sheer masterpieces. They are wrapped in the goodness of love which is what sustains our small world. 

Love is the most important inherent trait that all humans have and it is cherished prior to birth until even after death. The process that we call love does not fade away and would remain until this world would come to an end as prophesied by many. Infinity Rose has a color for any occasion to tickle the color taste buds of every loved one, the colors available are indeed fascinating and you just need to know your loved one’s preference. Once you know what she would like then Infinity Rose has the hue to match that preference.

The latest on the horizon of colors brought out by Infinity Rose is the 7’Gold Rose & 11”Magenta 2 Tone Rose. The superlative color combination is indeed fascinating to behold and when presented to your loved would sweep her off her feet right into your arms. We know that colors could create tricks on anyone’s mind and that would be so even in your loved ones.

You just need to probe your loved one’s preferences for colors and if she has a magenta mind then this 7”Gold Rose & 11”Magenta 2 Tone Rose would be what will bring her to you forever. So next time you are looking for magenta then this combination of Infinity Rose elegantly presented in its golden vase would be what you have been looking to present your loved one.