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Infinity Rose’s gold dipped roses are an ideal gift and perfect for many occasions.

New to our collection Our gold dipped 11 inch Rose comes with its own matching, one of a kind vase which has been exclusively designed by Infinity Rose which can be beautifully viewed every day for your loved one to cherish.

There’s nothing more stunning than a black rose standing grand in its very own gold vase on display for all to see.

Our gold vase is the perfect. A unique addition to a gift that means true meaning for those special people in your life.

So whether it’s a significant occasion like Valentine’s Day, a Special Anniversary, Mother’s Day, a Birthday or simply spoiling the one you love, you can always count on an Infinity Rose in a gold dipped vase to make that profound statement that shows your true appreciation, love and gratitude.

What’s Included :

1 x Gold Dipped Black Rose
1 x Gold Dipped Vase
1 x Certification Card
1 x Care Instructions

Products Dimensions :
Gold Dipped Rose 27cm to 29cm
Gold Vase 14.5 cm
Australian Design Number 201915907


The bereavement of a close relative or any sad occasion experienced by your loved one would necessitate you to express your sadness to her, and join her in mourning. Walking to condole with her would be a heartrending experience to you as well as for her. The measure of love you would have for her would be immense hence it would be appropriate that you express the extreme sadness that she is experiencing appropriately. There would not be anything else that could be equated to you taking along a natural rose which would a very poignant gift under the circumstances.

A natural rose would not last more than a few days and it would not be a very conducive way of expressing your extreme sadness as it would be forgotten by her as soon as the petals drop off and the rose wilts away. There is now a natural rose which could last until eternity and that would be the versatile Infinity Rose. This specially grown and nurtured natural rose is put through a preservation process unequalled and incomparable to any. A three month extensively monitored preservation process is put into operation once the natural rose reaches the preservation facilities of Infinity Rose.

Tried and tested over a period of many years, the creators of Infinity Rose have mastered the art of preservation of natural roses which is unmatchable. Many a midnight oil has been burned to ensure that they get the right process of preservation which is a sacred secret that they hold close to their hearts.The preservation process is also put under microscopic inspection at every possible stage to ensure that the Infinity Rose that finally reaches your loved one is flawless and perfect in every sense of the word.

To make a presentation of a natural rose on a solemn occasion more fitting, a Black Rose with Vase by Infinity Rose would be the most ideal and fitting. Your loved one is sure to be overwhelmed by your thought and it may for an instant take her sadness away whilst she appreciates your most gracious and very appropriate gesture. This Black Rose with Vase by Infinity Rose would stand on her mantelpiece or any such appropriate location remembering not her day of sadness that she went through, but the gesture that you reciprocated with. The way you walked in with this particular Black Rose with Vase by Infinity Rose would be etched in her memory forever as this presentation made on that sad day would have been what would have lifted her spirits that day.

You may be remembered by her forever just like the Black Rose with Vase by Infinity Rose which would always stand sentinel over her lifting her spirits whenever she would be down with sadness.

Infinity Rose
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Richard Denning
Richard Denning
07:09 16 Feb 23
Great product and amazing service!! Delivery is always fast. Ordered from them many times now.
Ben morrissey
Ben morrissey
06:16 11 Jun 22
Amazing service and a beautiful gift for my partner to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! I definitely recommend Infinity Rose, the staff are very kind and put extra effort in to make my partner and I's anniversary feel special!
Harold Brown
Harold Brown
04:19 06 Jun 22
I just received my Golden Infinity Rose and it is as beautiful wow. Delivered at the prefect time for my 25th Anniversary present for my wife this Sunday.Thank you very much for the great service and arrival. PS: I will recommend your company to everyone. Cheers !
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