7” Gold Rose & 11″ Dark Blue Rose
with Vase


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Our most popular gold dipped rose colours, gold and dark blue, come together in our latest premium gift set. Red compliments gold perfectly when they stand together in our exclusive gold dipped vase, it’s the perfect gift for that special person in your life. This superb vase is truly one-of-a-kind and has been designed exclusively by Infinity Rose. You won’t find this vase design anywhere else. There’s nothing more stunning than a gold rose standing grand in its very own gold vase on display for all to see.

So whether it’s a significant occasion like Valentine’s Day, a Special Anniversary, Mother’s Day, a Birthday or just spoiling the one you love you can always count on an Infinity Rose, Rose in a gold dipped vase to make that profound statement that shows your true appreciation, love and gratitude.

What’s Included :

1 x Gold Dipped Gold Rose
1 x Gold Dipped Dark Blue Rose
1 x 7″ Gold Rose
1 x Gold Dipped Vase
1 x Certification Card
1 x Care Instructions

Products Dimensions :
Gold Dipped Gold Rose 17 cm to 18cm
Gold Dipped Dark Blue Rose 27cm to 29cm
Gold Vase 14.5 cm
Australian Design Number 201915907


The color blue is synonymous with the sky far above us. The dark blue sky has fascinated mankind since time immemorial, and no explanation has been forthcoming as to why the sky is blue. Various theories have been put forward by eminent scholars but the laymen’s fascination looking up at the sky has never subsided. The sky would always hold us in awe and the color blue would also keep our mind in a bluish tinge.

Hence when anything is gifted to your loved one adorned in the color blue it would sure keep her spellbound as it is bound to tickle her undulated interest in what you offer. If the gift that you offer comes in dark blue pairing off with the universally loved color of gold it would add to the luster.

This is exactly what the pair of 7”Gold Rose & 11”Dark Blue Rose brought to you by Infinity Rose in an elegant golden vase would really do. This combination of intricately processed and preserved natural roses is sure to take her heart unlike any other gift you would present to her on any occasion. Whilst gold has been any lady’s favorite over ages since it was discovered the dark blue color of the sky would complement her enthusiasm.

The 7”Gold Rose & 11”Dark Blue Rose carrying the Infinity Rose label of approval are carefully nurtured and cultivated natural roses, handpicked and scientifically treated to preserve its naturalness till infinity. This combination has a specialty which would have the thoughtfulness of a natural rose whilst also able to be preserved with love and care. A gift of a rose has a special place in the heart of any loved one. It transcends love in its purest form and has been the corner stone in any relationship lasting a lifetime.

The couple of Infinity Rose in its exquisite golden vase sends across a message not only of love but of eternal togetherness and respect for each other. Selecting an appropriate gift for your loved one could be an arduous task but the 7”Gold Rose & 11”Dark Blue Rose by Infinity Rose would ease the task and also bring solace to you. The gift that you present your loved one must emanate from the heart and that exactly what the Infinity Rose combination flamboyantly depicts. Select the best gift for your loved and make her heart melt for you as none other than the 7”Gold Rose & 11”Dark Blue Rose would do it for you.     

Infinity Rose
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Richard Denning
Richard Denning
07:09 16 Feb 23
Great product and amazing service!! Delivery is always fast. Ordered from them many times now.
Ben morrissey
Ben morrissey
06:16 11 Jun 22
Amazing service and a beautiful gift for my partner to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! I definitely recommend Infinity Rose, the staff are very kind and put extra effort in to make my partner and I's anniversary feel special!
Harold Brown
Harold Brown
04:19 06 Jun 22
I just received my Golden Infinity Rose and it is as beautiful wow. Delivered at the prefect time for my 25th Anniversary present for my wife this Sunday.Thank you very much for the great service and arrival. PS: I will recommend your company to everyone. Cheers !
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