Sheridan Plaza Rose collection

The process of these rose products
The Sheridanplaza roses use only well grown and real roses that grow in our nursery. Our trained and well-skilled gardeners who take care of these roses monitor them till they gloom into lovely roses. At the time they begin to open, our gardeners would carefully handpick them at their right stage blooming. Afterwards, these flowers go through a lengthy process of preservation for several weeks, which includes the applying of a clear coating of metals to preserve the structure and the shape of the flower for the electroplating process. The process of preservation begins when the rose is in its peak stage of beauty.
The electroplating process starts by adding several base coat layers to these roses to confirm that they freeze with the perfect natural shape and structure. Subsequently, these roses go through few steps in which a couple of layers of precious metals are coated to these roses for three to four weeks of time. In the beginning, they coat these roses with few layers of various metals which would help to make them strong, and it would be the perfect base for the coating of the precious metals. So after the layer of plating, our gardener would inspect the quality and ensure that there are no defects in these roses. After this process, these roses are electroplated with precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver. These process of application of precious metals goes with applying several thin layers to the rose so that they would be built up in few weeks of time.

Finally a robust and bright rose with a mirror finish look comes out of the process. These Sheridanplaza roses would never get corrosion and would last for years when comparing to the ordinary roses. These roses would not break unless you put on a significant pressure on them. All these roses are high in quality, and we assure that they are perfect for delivering into the hands of our customers. Moreover, Sheridanplaza rose offers a lifetime warranty to these roses on defaults.
The roses of Sheridanplaza comes with an authenticity certificate. In case, if you are not pleased with your purchase of our products, you can return them the place where you purchased within ninety days and get your money back.

Do they come from real roses?
There are various produces of gold Dipped Rose in the world, but most of these manufacturers use plastic roses instead of natural roses to coat with precious metals. However, it is simple to recognise a plastic rose that is gold-plated from a real rose dipped in gold. If you look carefully, you might find out there are bumps in the steams of these roses and veins in the leaf are visible, even though a real rose is electroplated with a quality process those things are visible. All these details are particular to every rose. All the flowers of Sheridanplaza come from fresh and natural flowers, so all of them are exclusive. These beauties perfectly plated with a couple of layers of metals without any defect, so we believe that these are the most stunning gold Dipped Roses available in the market. At the electroplating process, these roses are coated with several layers of certain precious metals.

Beware of the imitation rose products
The online and offline stores are full of gold Dipped Roses, but you need to be tricky when going for a purchase, make sure that the product you purchase is in a satisfactory quality for the amount you pay. Most of the roses that are so-called as quality products are usually plastic rose products which go through a delicate and improper electroplating process. You can identify these types of products quickly, as they are decidedly lighter in weight and they look cheap.

Do they break when handling?
The next question that might come into your mind is that, would these roses break easily? Well, the Sheridanplaza roses surprisingly strong even though they look soft and elegant. As these rose products go through a lengthy process of application of several layers of metals, the structure of these roses is strong. They will break if you put a lot of pressure on to them. Moreover, there is no issue of taking these roses out of their glass lid display case to handle them.