Professing infinite love for her in mother’s day

Professing infinite love

Infinite love is displayed in many ways and professing infinite love with words is what we would always do with her around us. But words are always not enough when you have to express yourself to your loved one. She could be your mother, girlfriend, fiancée, wife or mistress uttering sweet nothings in her ear would be weighed up better if you give her a gift. Gifts have been given to women since time immemorial and what could be given would be a list more than a mile long if you were to write them down on paper before you decide on the most appropriate.

Mothers give birth to us after bearing us for nine long months the infinite love and sacrifice that they share are immeasurable and invaluable. They give us life and when we need to give our mothers a gift it should be something that would last infinitely till eternity. Only then would it be somewhat fractionally comparable to all that she has done for us. Our mothers would always be the recipients of our infinite love till eternity. She deserves all the infinite love we could give her and when we decide to pick a gift for her it should at least marginally match the quantum of infinite love we would like to express.

Expressing love in a special way  

The first woman that we pledge infinite love after our mother would be our girlfriend and that would be quite an exciting first time experience. We would need to show her the volume of infinite love we have for her in our hearts. Finding the most appropriate gift and giving it to her should sweep her off her feet it should be cherished by her infinitely till eternity. Neither girlfriends nor we would ever forget the first infinite love. That is because it is something special which would be embedded in both our hearts.

When you propose to her on your knees and she becomes your ever loving fiancée, what you offer her as a gift along with the ring that she would wear on her finger should match the infinite love that you profess. She would be your partner till you pledge eternal and infinite love at the altar.

Once you have made that solemn pledge to “infinitely love and cherish, till death do us part” which would be a promise made before God keeping the same fire burning inside her and you would be imperative. Reminiscing that day at the altar every year on its anniversary when we pledged infinite love is what we would all do. Finding the most appropriate gift to rekindle that day in her heart should be an eternal practice.

Love has no boundaries

Many of us could have some discreet discretion where a mistress would be an unavoidable need. Pledging infinite love every time she is with us would be quite a difficult proposition. Prudently finding the words to express infinite love would also be quite a daunting task. Balancing the other half of our life with that of our mistress would be like walking on a tightrope. But still it would be necessary under the circumstances to pledge infinite love genuinely.

We all have either gone through such an exciting life or are just beginning on it we need to tread very carefully because infinite love limited to words would not be eternal. Selecting the most appropriate gift on every such occasion whilst being a daunting task, could not have been easier.


Gifts for the right occasion

There are many occasions where we need to gift something which expresses our eternal love, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and many more. Roses would be the most ideal and has a special way of melting many a heart.

Roses have been the most sought after gift we could give a woman. It may be our mother, girlfriend, fiancée, wife or mistress, but they do not last eternally hence the infinite love that we would like to profess would fade away in a few days. Expressing infinite and eternal love with an Infinity Rose that would last forever is a possibility today.

Love needs technology

A natural Infinity Rose grown in a carefully controlled environment, selected and handpicked could be our answer. The predicament that we encountered of roses fading away is now overcome with modern technology. The answer is the Infinity Rose a gift like none other you would find anywhere in the Universe, it is special in many ways.

The process could take three months for each of those Infinity Rose to come to us and for it to be gifted to profess infinite love eternally, to our selected woman. The selected and handpicked natural Infinity Rose will be glazed several times to ensure the inherent natural properties of it are trapped within and preserved to ensure its authenticity. After the Infinity Rose has been checked for quality and its long lasting properties, it is sent to the next step which is of great importance.

Preserving Nature at its best

The glazed Infinity Rose is very carefully dipped in real 24 carat gold liquid which wraps around the natural rose sealing and retaining its natural properties. The Infinity Rose is then carefully hand painted with appropriate colors to blend beautifully just the way an Infinity Rose should be. The Infinity Rose is kept in a dust free environment till it cures and is ready for delivery from the nursery. The Infinity Rose is presented in a stunningly elegant gift box which would overwhelm any woman and sweep her off her feet.

Every Infinity Rose goes through a very stringent process of quality control every step of its way. The planting is monitored to ensure that only healthy Infinity Roses bloom. When the harvesting day dawns the Infinity Rose is very carefully checked and sent to the first step of the production process.

From the many stunningly beautiful Infinity Roses that are available we have selected the following which is unique and superlative in every sense.


The Pink Infinity Rose is 27 cms to 29 cms in length. The petals are elegantly painted in pink with the ends touched up in dipped gold. The sepals are also green with the dipped gold at the ends. The stem in dipped gold is long and natural. The two leaves are green with a touch of gold on their edges. The Pink Infinity Rose is a stunning masterpiece of modern technology and craftsmanship. It is incomprehensible to know that it is a natural rose that is beneath the beautiful gold plated Pink Infinity Rose.

The display case is elegant with a glass lid which protects the Pink Infinity Rose and also doubles up to be stood lengthwise on a shelf or cupboard. The hinges and clasp of the display case are in gold to add luster to the casing. The Pink Infinity Rose comes with a certificate of authentication and detailed instructions on its care. Free shipping is provided when you order the Pink Infinity Rose and payment could be made either full in advance or in four equal installments.

The Pink Infinity Rose is sold with a “no questions asked, 90 days money back guarantee”. If you are not satisfied with the quality or any aspects of the Pink Infinity Rose you could return it. It should be in its original condition with the purchase receipt and we will give a full refund within one week.