How to plan a surprise wedding

How to plan a surprise wedding

For most of the couples, their marriage is a great time which is full of celebrations, planning, shopping, and meetings. But some of the couples prefer a hassle-free wedding and then comes the idea of a surprise wedding.

So when it comes to a surprise wedding, it is straightforward. The new couple would invite the guests without mentioning that it is their wedding but another party. Finally, when everyone arrives, they would announce that it is their big day.

In case, if you are a couple who is planning a surprise wedding, the below tips would help you to plan a smooth surprise wedding.

Fix a date-

First, you will have to decide on a date together when you want this event to take place. You can even have your marriage soon after your engagement.

Select a venue-

You can take your wedding at a fancy hotel, the beach or even in your backyard according to the number of guests you are planning to invite. However, will have to look after that it should not seem like a wedding is going to take place.

Make the list of guests-

As it is a surprise wedding, you may want to limit your expenses. So if you are budget conscious, you can arrange a party with the close friends and relatives.


Now the invitation plays a significant role in keeping the wedding a surprise. So make sure that you mention that this is a casual party or any other type of a formal party so that the guests would elegantly dress up.


You got the option of choosing either you are having a formal dinner or a backyard barbecue. But you need to make sure that you get a beautiful wedding cake and champagne.


You can usually stick with the general wedding entertainments like the first dance, toast, and the tossing the bouquet. During the wedding you can ask one or two of your guests to sing for you and a dance floor would be the right way to wind down your wedding ceremony.

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