Canberra Knights Rose

The process
We at Canberra knights rose, offer you well-grown roses which come directly from our nursery. Our skilled and experienced horticulturalists would take care of these roses till they open up. At the right stage of blooming, they would carefully handpick these roses. Subsequently, these roses go through a lengthy process where they are preserved by applying various metals. The method of preservation begins when the flower is fresh and at its peak of beauty.

At first, application of few base layers of nickel and copper is made to maintain the structure and natural shape of these roses. After that, these roses go through a lengthy process of thin coating layers of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum to these roses for a couple of weeks. After the application of these metals, these roses go through a strict quality control process to make sure that there are zero defects in these beauties. Moreover, all our roses come with a lifetime warranty on any defects, and they come with an authenticity certificate so in case if you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can return these roses to the place where you purchased them within ninety days of the purchase and collect your money back.

Are the real roses?

Most of the rose producers, who produce roses make these roses by coating plastic roses with precious metals. It is quite easy to recognise plastic roses are coated with precious metals from a real gold coated rose. All the roses that Canberra knight offer are fresh and natural flowers, so they are exclusive. You can identify the speciality of these roses by scrutinising them. It is quite easy to find a rose that has gone through a quality electroplating process as you can see the bumps on the stems and veins are visible on the leaves. All these details are specific to every Canberra knight rose.

Beware of the imitations

There is various gold Dipped Roses in the market, both in local and online markets. You might have come across them while shopping, but you need to be careful from the imitations. Most of the rose that is so-called as the quality and expensive rose products are fake plastic roses or roses that do not go through a quality electroplating process. If you have come across these roses, you might have noticed that these roses are light in weight and have a cheap look.